About Us

Panola is a Cherokee word meaning cotton, a crop long cultivated by Native Americans across the lands that now comprise the Southeastern United States. 


Growing up in Panola, AL, Wesley Horne and his brothers would explore miles of gorgeous countryside daily, wading through creeks and wandering through the wilderness in search of ancient artifacts from the Cherokee tribes. Having collected multiple treasures over the years such as arrowheads and pottery, he chose to honor them and the people who once inhabited the land by creating the Panola Apparel line in 2015. 


Built on Wesley’s childhood memories of nature, history, and adventure in rural Alabama, the garments are each designed by Wesley and comprised of cotton sourced around the Southeast. Panola’s clothes are casual, breathable, easy garments made for an active, fun lifestyle and worn by women and men of all sizes. 


Although he now lives in Charleston, SC, with his family, Wesley will always pay tribute to his Alabama roots through Panola Apparel. A portion of the sales will go to the Native American Heritage Association.